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What is the purpose of whitelisting? The Intel card runs like a dream. Do you already have an account? I just had the same crap I had with the Broadcom Cbshahji , Jul 10, I am having the same issue.

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When I wake the laptop up from sleep, it doesn’t automatically reconnect to my router running WPA2 security.

m11x wifi drivers?

When I open the lid after the laptop has been “asleep”, the connection the only “saved” one does not come up immediately. I supposed I could alienwate installing the card again, but it’s probably a waste of time. So after I hit connect, I have about a alienawre wait before the network connection alienware m11x r1 wireless established doing the whole “identifying” thing.

Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Think it would do any good? Jul 14, 8.

Alienware M11x Wireless Issues | [H]ard|Forum

I actually registered the domain hpwhitelist. I told them to save their money, it wasn’t the hardware. The only problem after connecting is that I get random disconnects.


Raidriar Apr 21, Jul 22, I flashed to A04, but nothing seems to have changed. My BIOS screen doesn’t even have that tab.

Alienware M11X R1 Drivers Windows 7 64-bit

I ordered an Intelits a 2 antenna half sized card. I’ve been using this thing for over a month now alienward hadn’t seen any lockups until putting the Intel card in. I’ve seen the problem you’re referring to, but it only alienware m11x r1 wireless once or twice in a one month period.

Luckily there are modded bios’s for the Lenovos that remove the blocking of the cards. FlapjackJul 11, Lyria, go into Device Manager or Network and view the wireless adapter’s properties.

What is the purpose of whitelisting? I don’t have these problems with any other wireless card on my domain. Looking up the Broadcom BCM shows nothing but problems after problems.

Wireelss am having the same issue. The only problem is, it doesn’t show up in Device Manager. Make sure the WWAN slot is enabled in the bios.

Alienware M11X R1 Drivers Windows 7 bit – Dell Drivers & Downloads

I wish it were that simple. I used my Win7 Enterprise through my school, since I have to join this machine to my domain. I just use the Intel Turbo Memory as a page file.


Aug 4, FlapjackJul 14, A quick search on Ebay and the is the only half card I can find. I’m thinking of sending wirfless back to have Alienware look at it. Has anyone experienced this problem? I used to have a netgear wireless router and it would always have intermittent disconnects during gaming so I got alienware m11x r1 wireless of it to get a linksys which worked out much much better Ever since that day I have yet to get another netgear alienware m11x r1 wireless.

Why would the laptop not detect the card?