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Taken from our first impressions post. Noise levels are higher from the Canon at ISO , and while the 5DS R continues to out-resolve the D, at least in higher-contrast detail, its default high ISO noise reduction produces more unwanted artifacts than the Nikon’s, and blurs our red-leaf fabric much more as well. However, always educate your customers on this model to never remove drum anyway. The Canon continues to offer more accurate colors. The 5DS R produces more accurate colors and fewer sharpening artifacts, but the Z is still the king among cameras we’ve tested thus far in terms of resolving power. This is an essential item on any camera that is meant to be serious in any way. The Pentax’s processing produces a more natural-looking image in most areas, particularly in the mosaic crop, but the Canon still delivers more accurate colors.

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Review: Canon EOS R (The Mirrorless Camera That Truly Surprised Me)

In fact, I bought one. I never found it to be a problem in real life use. It’s really a personal preference, though, as both cameras produce truly outstanding image quality at base ISO. But Csnon has genuinely surprised me. Details vBulletin Mods by vBSocial.

Canon imageRUNNER 1600

In fact in my entire time using the camera, it probably only missed focus a few time in low lit situations where I was using face detection and one time when I was using the wide horizontal autofocus area and trying to track a moving dancer at f1.


To that end, one could argue that it is sort of positioning itself to be a jack of all r1600 and a master of none. Print sizes start to decrease at ISOs beyondbut not by much.

The Pentax also doesn’t have an optical low-pass filter but has larger pixels thanks to its medium-format sensor, giving it an overall edge in detail here especially when combined with Pentax’s more aggressive processing. The Canon EOS R is pretty unique in that when you turn the camera off and remove the lens the shutter comes down. Shadow noise is slightly more apparent, and troublesome lower contrast areas like the red-leaf fabric swatch in our test target, for example, appear soft with smudged detail.

Otherwise the touch bar can be a tad too sensitive and also annoying.

The Pentax Z still manages to produce slightly better detail overall at this sensitivity, thanks in part to its larger pixels and the lower noise they produce, however the Pentax’s default noise reduction softens the image a bit more than the Canon’s, and smears the pattern in our tricky red-leaf fabric.

The time now is In terms of raw pixel count, the resolution from the megapixel Pentax Z is closely matched to the Canon, but its 4: Got the errorcode E after a couple of seconds.

Canon 6D Mark II. From a pissed off Sharp technician. And remember, you can always canonn to our world-renowned Comparometer to compare the Canon 5DS R to any camera we’ve ever tested!

All cameras in this comparison were shot with our very sharp reference lenses. The Sony image is cleaner, however its noise reduction processing generates slightly unnatural artifacts in flat areas while the Canon’s noise “grain” is more consistent and film-like.


Unsurprisingly, noise is quite a bit higher from the 5DS R, however the 5D Mark III r16000 to be applying slightly more aggressive default noise reduction. I removed the drum unit and then I reinstalled the drum and tried to make a testcopy. Beginning at expanded ISO 50, images are strikingly crisp with sharp fine detail.

But look at how exposed the hot shoe is; despite this caanon kept clicking and functioning. Navigate Review Jump to review page A dedicated switch around it would have make this much easier.

Canon EOS R Review – Preview Images | Photography Blog

Then I was able to edit the RAW to get lots from it. It continued to work and the only problem I had was that the EVF sometimes thought my eye was there due to water droplets. The Canon continues to offer more accurate colors.

But with Canon, the eye AF is wired in. The image noise is clean enough for me in most situations. But this time the Sony arguably does a better job at rendering fine detail than the Canon in most areas. Taken from our first impressions post.

Anyone got a clue what it means?