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It’s inexpensive, and has many decent-to-good sounds In addition to data storage, the floppy disk drive can also be used to play back commercially available SMF disks. Yes for casios, simply use headphone out jack to feed your amps or mixer. Also, I know i mentioned this, but the “Live! Write a user review Ask for a user review.

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The piano sample is very nice it is the p’s piano sample and the keys are semi weighted. Musician’s Friend Open in the Musician’s Friend app. Use of a large-capacity card caslo it possible to store volumes of data.

Casio WK key Portable | Musician’s Friend

Importing wav files using the casio software must be in 16bit as won’t recognize 24bit, but this is a home keyboard and is no detriment to the system, considering cds use 16bit This machine-possde a DSP effects, csio not bad at all He is also a part synthse or all sounds are ditables whether the filter rsons or envelopes.

The Internet Data Expansion System makes it possible for you to download tone waveforms over the Internet and configure your keyboard to your specific musical needs. The sound source adds dynamic changes to sustained tones, providing greater expressive versatility.


Originally posted by BigMac I’ve been looking into getting a beginner keyboard, and from what I can tell, the Casio WK looks like a good choice. This is a real oversight, and limits the instrument’s potential use as a MIDI-controlled drawbar organ.

Login or Sign Up. Powerful 2-way bass-reflex speaker system. Do you have a computer? The DGX has 8 mb of sounds.

Geometric lasers by Extreme. Switch for casuo stereo piano, super-realistic drawbar organ sounds, 76 full-size touch-sensitive keys, onboard speakers, pitch-bend wheel and mod The action is not weighted, though.

Digital Effects A selection of reverb, chorus, and DSP effects makes it possible to tailor a sound into exactly the one you want.

Internet Data Expansion System The Internet Data Expansion System makes it possible for you to download tone waveforms over the Internet and configure your keyboard to your specific musical needs.

I am a self-taught keyboard player based very much in a blues style. 30000

I had my doubts, but four years on there have been no problems. But ds that we enter the rglages individuals, one must understand the phylogeny of the device, otherwise you do not freelance.

WK-3000/WK-3100/WK-3500 Manual

Folk Guitar Buying Guides. Our members also liked: You caeio edit all the sounds too, add or remove DSP effects, reverb and chorus and save them. If you want to mistakenly blow a speaker or end up with distortion in a casuo, go right ahead.


It just depends what you like the look, sounds, feel, operation and interface of the most. Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer restrictions. Grand Piano ” sample is the p’s piano sample, so it sound good. I do NOT think you’ll regret buying it.

WK | Electronic Musical Instruments | Manuals | CASIO

It includes key-click, true Hammond-style harmonic percussion and an eerily good Leslie simulator, with speed change, optional reverb and overdrive. The drawbar organ function provides realistic reproduction of rich drawbar organ sounds that have long been popular with musicians everywhere.

But you don’t even know who we are!! Great deals from cqsio. BC Rich It Warlock. There are some similarities but there’s a lot of diffrence when same.