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Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on On Wed Nov 2, the two VM hosts described in https: I found a copy on Krzesinski herton wrote on To post a comment you must log in.

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[CentOS-virt] virtio drivers for Centos 5.8

Booting 32bit rhel and centos 5. I’m a bit confused, maybe someone can clarify this. On Wed Nov 2, the two VM hosts described in https: It would seem really odd that the kvm-clock paravirt clock source in the current kernel would be the prime suspect IMHO. As of today only the patch as it was queued has made it upstream. Attached is a VNC screenshot. Note that the automatic statement of “released” is misleading. How long does this take to show up?

Thu, 23 Jun Greg, could you check with the proposed kernel, too? I have tried all of the compatible CPU emulation types in virt-manager also.


Stefan Bader smb on The same VM host describe in comment 38 is now running 2. Dave Walker davewalker wrote on Also when the guest crashes, could you get a dmesg?

Stefan Bader smb wrote on I have gone ahead and submitted the patch for SRU. Let’s try to simplify. Use 64bit guest instead. Failure resetting PHY” but networking works fine.

I tried many ISO’s and the systems that worked before I did a dist upgrade failed to boot also.

Guest Support Status – KVM

Added quirks for Ricoh Here is the fix for the current natty kernel source, it appears to be a typo with a closing bracket one line too high. After some testing, I have found a possible cause. I could not reproduce booting the centis by setting processor affinity to a single host CPU. The guest was built from SL.

Prakash Sawarkar: Setting up RHEL /CentOS Virtio Drivers for Windows Guest on KVM

I installed with the My qemu-kvm was already patched. Serge Hallyn serge-hallyn wrote on In comment 2 https: No issues in several weeks of testing.


Host running Debian Jessie, qemu-kvm packages from stretch. I’m having identical behavior – with more than one vcpu, I can’t get a 32 bit CentOS system to boot. Thanks Stefan, I have confirmed that the following kernels work.

Note VM host has 6-cpu cores so 5.