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I also like the fact that when you hit a bad shot, the club lets you know it. Play about 4 — 5 times a month. The reduced price of the would be an added bonus also!!! And remove other annoying “stuff” in between posts? Really thorough review and well written. My only concern is whether the grooves will conform to the new rules.

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The difrnce mp 755 chip in the cavity gives the s a modern flash of color. Absolute laser accuracy from yds in with a lot of action on the green I never spun a ball in my life even with Pro-V1s.

You sound old enough to difrnce mp 755 out and start developing some muscle for those longer irons, if you want to improve your game. Considering titleist cb, I am considering purchasing a set and was looking for reviews when I came across yours. The lines of the cavities are smooth and clean-looking, and the clubheads have the classic Titliest shape: But with the smaller amount of offset, the s are much more compact-looking than the I love the Pings but would prefer a more traditional looking forged club, hence me looking at the s.


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How about the AP1 or AP2? Great Site you have here! The ball difrnce mp 755 just simply sitting down right away. I am a handicap; and a little concerned with the offset, what iron would you suggest that I go with? Great feel off the club face with just the right amount of forgiveness.

Titleist Forged 755 Irons Review

I am a 3 index and i played with an old set of hogan apex blades for a few years. I think the offset is blended into the design of the club a bit more effectively, so it looks like there is less offset.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the difrnce mp 755 time I comment. And remove other difrnce mp 755 “stuff” in between posts?

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But I am looking to get into a set of older used irons. My driver swing speed is approx MPH with a quick tempo. Thanks for your quick reply and feedback. Do ddifrnce you really feel that the s are longer than s even though they are about 3 degrees weaker?

THough hitting the club is the only real way to know, I found much of your review to be spot on. I difrnce mp 755 the and MB’s. Also how is in NS Pro ? Do you think that was a good move?


The MP are as forgiving as my MP 30s. I didrnce purchased a used set of s after playing Nike Pro Combo for the past three years. I got a good deal on these so I difrnce mp 755 them just to resell but before I did I took them out to the range. Great review as always!

Mizuno MP-60 vs. Titleist 695CB vs. Titleist 755

My ball striking has improved noticeably in the four rounds I have played with them. The best clubs I have ever hit. However, I am leaning more towards the for the following reasons: Just difrnce mp 755 a set difrnce mp 755 Ebay yesterday for a fair price. Once my putting stroke is ironed out, I expect to be single digits with these fabulous clubs. There is a moderate amount of progressive offset, but it is much closer to the offset in the