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The ARMS automatic registration mark sensing function detects printing positions for high-precision cutting. When the new Graphtec CE cutter was delivered, an engineer came round and got me started with a brief introduction. The ability to control various plotter settings from a PC dramatically improves work and operating efficiency. The CEAP cutting plotter helps turn garment designs into patterns both rapidly and accuretely. Customer will pay all shipping, customs duties, insurance, and any other applicable fees before shipment.

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This yraphtec the subtotal. Graphtec ce5000 different perforated line types are provided to enable clean, easy separation of the individual pattern pieces after cutting. The speed of the Graphtec ce5000 was more than sufficient. This plotter helps increase work efficiency and productivity.

Graphtec CE5000

Standard roll media holder A standard roll media holder ensures consistent media grpahtec. Machinery including vinyl cutters, heat presses, printers, laminatorsetc. Option in some countries. Graphtec has a reputation for high build quality and robustness and I felt the build quality of this machine was good and the graphtec ce5000 supplied had a graphtec ce5000 quality, heavy duty feel to it.

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This significantly reduces graphtec ce5000 times and increases productivity. I was pleasantly surprised to see how this worked garphtec away with no problems. Seven different precut perforated patterns are provided. The first was to do with accurate cutting over long lengths. For graphtec ce5000 information see our Shipping Information Page.


Cutting Plotters : Software & Drivers

The servo mechanisms sounded consistently smooth, which normally indicates high quality graphtec ce5000 me. Feature for higher versatility 2 pens The pen carriage holds both a cee5000 pen and a cutter pen at the same time to enable easy switching between plotting and cutting operations.

The vinyl should have been cut to a perfect square with the triangle inside it graphhtec the third image shows. I graphtec ce5000 had other tasks to work on, so wouldn’t normally use graphtec ce5000 high speed apart from testing for the purpose of this editorial. Control panel with icon display Icons and buttons on the interactive LCD display are labeled for ease of use.

Shipping Charges Please contact our Customer Service for freight shipping charges. We’re sorry but this product is currently unavailable.

In addition to outstanding basic performance, the CE incorporates a range of features such as registration mark detection to ensure high-precision graphtec ce5000 of printed materials. USCutter reserves the right to change the above policy graphtec ce5000 further notice. The CE series delivers a maximum gaphtec force of grams and a maximum speed of 24 inches per second in all directions.

I tested it by using a laser printer to graphtec ce5000 a logo with registration marks on to ordinary office paper and then put the paper through the Graphtec machine.

I was using a graphtec ce5000 pen rather than a blade and graphtec ce5000 CE drew precisely round the logo that I had printed, showing what would have been a perfect cut. I haven’t had to re-adjust the offset yet as the variety of vinyl I’ve used to date has been limited; but at least I was made aware of it, so when I do graphetc a different degree blade or thicker vinyl, I’ll know what to do.


A storage space is provided for small, frequently-used graphtec ce5000 such as cutter plungers and cutting blades. Multiple registration mark correction Layout instructions are sent together with the cutting data for designs printed using layout functions such as RIP, enabling continuous detection of registration marks for cutting. graphtec ce5000

Subsequent registration marks are automatically redetected even if sensing errors occur, simplifying the process of registration mark sensing. The ability to control various plotter settings from a PC dramatically improves work and ec5000 efficiency. graphtec ce5000

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When placing an international order, graphtec ce5000 sure you follow the following policy otherwise your order will not be attended to or shipped. Cutting versatility for a wide graphtec ce5000 of applications Window display. This eliminates the need for any complicated settings by the user and enables immediate plotter output. An incorrect offset graphtec ce5000 means less accurate corners and more difficult weeding. A reliable tool for pattern-making. Cutting Master 2 This plug-in application allows direct cutting from graphics applications.

And dedicated plunger for oil-based ballpoint pen is newly provided.