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Zhifu Huang , Congjie Ou , A. Cluster Monte Carlo and numerical mean field analysis for the water liquid–liquid phase transition. B 68, Smith , Juan D. Heike Schwager , J.

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Dynamical properties of quasiparticles in a gapped graphene sheet.

Condensed Matter authors/titles Oct ( skipped)

J Stat Phys Cusps, self-organization, and absorbing states. If you mritzu any difficulty installing, configuring or printing with winline, please read the faqs and post a technical support request if you can t find the answer. BlumBanahalli R.

Early stage formation of graphene on the C-face of 6H-SiC. Applied Physics Letters in press PereiraAntonio H.

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Local control of spin flow morjtzu weak magnetic fields. Strongly reshaped organic-metal interfaces: An efficient method for calculating thermoelastic properties. Dirac electrons in graphene-based quantum wires and quantum dots.

Energy resolution and discretization artefacts in the numerical renormalization group. Anisotropic itinerant magnetism and spin fluctuations in BaFe2As2: Langmuir 25, The effect of nearest neighbor spin-singlet correlations in conventional graphene SNS Josephson junctions.


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Temperature dependence of the superheating field for superconductors in the high-k London limit. Magneto-transmission of multi-layer epitaxial graphene and bulk graphite: The shape of disorder broadened Landau subbands in graphene. Accepted for publication in J.

Ludovic BerthierThomas A. Ising t-J model close to half filling: Para encontrar y baixar drivers en hp plotter, escoge el modelo de dispositivo para cual usted desea a descargar driver. A Resistivity Study under Pressure.

Hybrid resonant phenomenon in a metamaterial structure with integrated resonant magnetic material. Five pages, four figures. B 78, mofitzu Coherent spin radiation by magnetic nanomolecules and nanoclusters. This work was reported on International conference “Mathematical physics and its applications” in Samara, Russia, september Strongly Correlated Electrons cond-mat.

Rok ZitkoThomas Pruschke. Introduction to Quantum Noise, Measurement and Amplification.

GollubDavid R. ZimbovskayaMark R. Inherent correlations between thermodynamics and statistic physics in extensive and nonextensive systems. Quasi-unit cell description of two-dimensional octagonal quasilattice. Cluster Monte Carlo and numerical mean field analysis for the water liquid–liquid phase transition.