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If you want a card to play games at a decent frame rate then I’d cash in my money for a Geforce GTS. Fignewton50 Follow Forum Posts: My graphics card is a geforce SE, and i was just wondering will this support new games like Call Of Duty 4? The Graphics having 73 better shader performance and an altogether better performance when taking into account other relevant data means that the Graphics delivers a noticeably smoother and more efficient experience when processing graphical data than the SE. Hofflehoff Follow Forum Posts:

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Every one else in here seems to say that they are the same but in my opinion I say different.

It is then obvious the Memory Bandwidth depends on nvidia geforce 6150se integrated graphics lot of factors and thus this Graphics Card performance may vary heavily from system to system. Nope, that card is poo. However, the actual shader performance of the Graphics is 74 and the actual shader performance of the SE is 1. Hofflehoff Gforce only support games that have been released before or Help would be much appreciated: Gefoece What do you mean by 2 gigs of memory?

It was strictly for the entertainment stand.

There was a recent post before before my post. Gforce only support games that have been released before or The phenom x3 or x4 is what I’m thinking, just to give her a little bump in performance.


HD Graphics Desktop compare Nvidia GeForce SE nForce GPU

My sons pc was the exact same specs, and gralhics was a Compaq. It was low and fit in with the rest of the consoles and cable boxes. The video worked perfect for the job. I was gonna say, who the hell has a nvidia geforce 6150se integrated graphics Thanks a lot for the help.

Motherboard GPU Technical Specifications|NVIDIA

It’s a am2 mobo, so there are only a few upgrade options. Bring back the main forum list.

Such as some of the unity games found on Kongregate. Well, its a double necro thread lol.

NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE + nForce 430

Its level of use would be light 3D gaming. Here we go I’ll just toss 6150es my 2 cent worth. This is what I have.

Therefore, only old games can be played at high settings with decent FPS while today’s demanding games are unplayable. You know what you have just about the same kind of machine that I have except I don’t have vista and I don’t have that gefoorce anyways I have the gt xxx mb on my machine and it looks just fine to me.

The Integrxted was released over three years more recently than the SEand so the Graphics is likely to have far better driver support, meaning it will be much more optimized and ultimately superior to the SE when running the latest games. UNless you meant MB. Graphucs when there are nvidia geforce 6150se integrated graphics cards that outperform it for the same price, and ones that are cheaper.


I wanna put a Phenom quad in it because it’s currently using a Sempron, which sucks, but nvidia geforce 6150se integrated graphics just uses it to stream movies, with the occasional web design, so it works for her.

Elviathan Follow Forum Posts: I ended up getting a mini atx case for 20 bucks so I could fit one of my old video cards since it nvidia geforce 6150se integrated graphics originally in a low profile case. I needed to repurchase it for another project, but I needed some 3D horse power, the was no longer going to cut it.

The gts is pretty much a dx9 card, because it cannot do dx10 either even though it says it can. Arronaxxx Follow Forum Posts: Please Log In to post. I have a low profile in my wifes Compaq media pc.