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If you have a problem please try the latest Mustek USB backend before sending mail. I can understand the need for a genuine network to be bullet proofed, but my network is only for my use with a desktop and notebook to keep in sync and an elderly desktop running Ubuntu 9 for backup when Windows messes up my HDD. I need your help! So far so good. I’ve right clicked and copied the file in ‘Downloads’. The gksu extension for nautilus allows you to open files with administration privileges using the context menu when browsing your files with nautilus.

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OK, Lecture over OK, lets say your file is called myfile.

I’ve had this message in Terminal. This file has to be svanexpress a specified folder which I have had to create for scanexpress 1200 ub scanner to be supported.

If this happens for you, update your SANE installation. I’ve found the file online and it is saved to my ‘Downloads’ folder.

The gksu extension for nautilus allows you to open files with administration privileges scanexpresa the context scanexpress 1200 ub when browsing your files with nautilus. What it would seem I need to do is change a line in scanexpress 1200 ub file gt68xx. That means, any operation that tries to reset the device will result in running into timeouts. I now have it working in Fedora 11 Gnome desktop. See the download section for details.


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Mustek scanexpress 1200 ub plus driver

Does anyone known how to set the file permissions? If everything works, you should be able to see the scanner with “scanimage -L”. But it refuses to save because of file permissions. Mustek said they scanexpress 1200 ub to to support Linux for new products. But I still scaanexpress to do some more setting up with it.

Yet I still can’t cut and paste or use right scanexpress 1200 ub. Which Linux distro and desktop are you using? Please contact me scanexpress 1200 ub you zcanexpress errors on this page or want to contribute. It seems I am not in the sudoers file wherever that might be located. I need to remove a hash sign in front of the name of my scanner to get SANE to recognise it and stop complaining about an invalid argument.

There are also ScanMagic products that are identical to the Mustek ones: Please see “Bug and success reports” for more information.


This bug is in Linux versions scanespress 2. The only choice is to replug the scanner in this case. After installation, SANE should run out-of-the-box. The following list shows the known scanners and their level of support by the current version of the Mustek USB backend. Some success scanexpress 1200 ub – at least with the scanner.

mustek ub driver for windows 7 – Microsoft Community

July 27,jb Try this Internet site: Generally, all Linux scanexpress 1200 ub published during scanexpresss last years should support the asupported scanner right out-of-the-box. However, it’s not guaranteed that all ScanMagic products are supported. I am on a network, but only because I have a notebook and a desktop and I want to sync the two. July 25, Scanexpress 1200 ub can’t help you with this operating system.

If it doesn’t exist, add the line.