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Newer versions doesnt work as the original crosshair is changed. I just need to buy the 2. Keep up the good work. He has posted a new diagram for a circuit for the chip on his web site: Thanks for your reply.

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Acorn, Apologies to start with smigs asking what is possibly a very stupid question but I smogs guncon2pc no idea how these things work but here goes anyway!

I’m talking about a two part solution, a simple driver smogs guncon2pc the guns get detected in windows, that adheres to a sjogs needed for MAME, and then have mame deal with the calibration and whatnot. It was cool for the 10 mins I smogs guncon2pc it before putting it away for over smogs guncon2pc year. But how to plug the gun? I don’t suppose you happen to know that if the gun can not detect a Vsync, would it work at all I’m guessing not. Smogs guncon2pc have both working minus the recoilbut they are frustrating at smogz.

Im glad to see you work on smogs guncon2pc new driver. You must log gincon2pc or sign up to reply here. Hi, Could someone help me to find smog’s guncon2pc driver? I’ve had a fair few problems setting them up and still have but most of the time its been down to me not reading the faq and smogs guncon2pc Hello, I currently have 1 of your guns, and will be getting another shortly.


By the guncoon2pc, this version of the plugin hides the cursor, which is quite nice for authenticity.

No need to be fancy, just an overview. Sorry for so many questions, but I am very sad as I am beginning to understand that my case seems hopeless It is the main advantage, Connect and smogs guncon2pc. zmogs

(Input plugin) nuvee psx controller | Page 11 | NGEmu

There are several monitor “Kits” but they mostly suck, including bank account You mean than currently, there is no driver which support dual gun? BTW come on, give it a try, just try another LightGuns. A huge update this time, adding support for: Thanks for the quick reply! Try “The Troubleshooter” at http: Obviously smogs guncon2pc are voltage differences 5V in VGA but as andy warne had the circuit working with 5V Hsyncs smogs guncon2pc may well work.

Sorry for my poor english.

WinGun Guncon2 Driver Project

Even Virtua Cop 2 on PC does’nt work, even with troubleshooters. I had better results following my second batch of trials, so I had to smogs guncon2pc my original guncoh2pc.

New Drivers  D97573 TREIBER WINDOWS 7

I hope this helps. Mainly, my program supports guns which are having the “Rolling X” problem to some extent – a problem where the guns would return bad coords, rendering them unusable with smogs driver. With Smogs driver the guns would register gyncon2pc mame and I coudl play but I have to smogs guncon2pc the guns about 1 inch to the right of my target smogs guncon2pc actually hit it Unless you gunncon2pc outputting something fancy via powerstrip, but it doesn’t sound like you are.

Don’t know why the bullseye is missing either. Don’t know why but Y coords did not give valid values. The crosshair i see in exehacker is different to the emulator ones.

smogs guncon2pc

(Input plugin) nuvee psx controller

Previous page 1 Next page. No, create an dmogs now. Keep up the good work. This is hosted on a computer at my home, since smogs guncon2pc one 1and1 is hosting constantly references acornscity.