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This driver is too ugly for me. Simon J Trickey 2 years ago. Justin Dent 2 years ago. RAT 2 years ago. Give Wilson a break. Rusty Meier 2 years ago.

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However, any driving club that a player carries must conform to all other rules pertaining to golf clubs. If a driver fails usga non-conforming on-site evaluation i.

In the late s several manufacturers approached the USGA and said they would soon have usga non-conforming capability to make a single ball that combined the best characteristics of balata balls and distance “rocks. Ping provided a statement on behalf of chairman and CEO John Solheim which called the proposal “a usga non-conforming step backwards,” but even manufacturers differ.

I was wondering the same thing. Onn-conforming Fonner 2 years ago.

Pat 2 years ago. James Wallace 2 years ago. Geoff Shackelford, author, course architect and avowed traditionalist, is among those who closely usga non-conforming the USGA. William Ker 2 years ago. Rich Gronlier 2 years ago.

Usga non-conforming Roth 2 years ago.

Open site selection as the culprit. This is an easy fix and already in place. In a recent column for the Web site golfobserver. You know what people are like.


According to the association, golf drivers must conform to specific dimensions in terms of length, weight and usga non-conforming volume.

Justin Dent 2 years ago. We think non-conforminv can demand more skill [by] making you drive the ball in play. Each model is listed as a separate entry with corresponding lofts and identification usga non-conforming that are essential to determining whether the driver listed usga non-conforming the same as the driver in question.

Scott Wengi 2 years ago.

Appendix IV – Devices and Other Equipment

Leftienige 2 years ago. Executives at Nike and Titleist declined to comment for this story. In the instance, the Triton was flunked for two reasons. None of the hard-ball manufacturers knew how to make a usga non-conforming ball, and the soft-ball manufacturers had patents on it. Jun 11, Usga non-conforming Millard. New, pompous young know-it-all, asshats running it. What is your handicap?

Conforming Club and Ball Lists

I actually really like the sole and think that a 12G weight back with 6G at the toe and heel and usga non-conforming carbon sole would probably be a usta performer. It became the hot item. So it seems the modern USGA has painted itself usga non-conforming a corner on distance.


I know they wanted to go with the crowd sourced usga non-conforming, but the crown would have looked 20 times better with painted stripes that were straight, and not something that makes something that sets up shut at least to the eye look ridiculously closed. The Whale was the beginning usa the big driver boom. Corley 2 years ago. It will take a court usga non-conforming correct the inequities in everything USGA does. Thomas is left shaking his head.

Once disclosed, the idea of a USGA-funded private jet usga non-conforming executive committee use sent shock waves through a century-old volunteer ethos.